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Are you a Junior Accountant? Then Join our Group! "Tumblr Accountants"
We don’t Study Hard,
We study well!
Reblog and Spread our group Fellow Accountants!


    Are you a Junior Accountant? Then Join our Group! "Tumblr Accountants"

    We don’t Study Hard,

    We study well!

    Reblog and Spread our group Fellow Accountants!

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    Fine men naked and in suits. Have mercy.


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  3. Student, Part time worker, Family Business Collector, Organization Officer

    As what the title states, I am a student, currently on my fifth year (‘coz my course will take 5 years to graduate), a part time instructor at an institution teaching two separate subjects, I am also the afternoon collector at our family business, and yea, the Vice President for Communications of our organization.

    Being a student is quite hard, especially when you’re a graduating student. Requirements, and everything. Well, as to my part, I had graduated last March with BS in Management Accounting, and this year, for a year, I will graduate with BS in Accountancy, hopefully. :) So, I got 21 units only, 2 subjects with 3 units each are retaked subjects so no big deal. :) I got plenty of time, I mean P-L-E-N-T-Y, which I supposedly used it to study and review harder on my subjects. But, here comes my part time job, an instructor. I am currently teaching Tax1 and Acctg2 at an institution. Well, teachers are not new to us, but teaching is very new to me. I still have to adjust on how to teach easy methods of solving problems with easy summary on theories lessons. It’s quite hard actually, especially that I am teaching a subject where I didn’t listen to my instructor’s explanation way back. :D But luckily, my schedule to teach were every Saturdays only. :D YES! Yeah.

    Another is being a collector of our family business, which is lending money. It’s our business for more than 4 years already, my mom is the one usually collecting the daily dues of our clients, but when she was hired at DepEd, Collecting dues was turned over to me. I’m not new to this thing though it’s not my everyday routine. I can manage and handle quite perfectly this collecting routine. What I hate most about this is the people, our clients, they have this attitude that will fight against you whenever they don’t have ANYTHING to pay. And also, I hate the rain, good thing though, that I got a healthy body or I can just say I don’t mind the pains and all. Body pains are normal to me. So, when mom started her job just this school year, I am the one collecting dues every afternoon, vacant in between of my classes.

    I am also an officer at our organization, VP for Communications. Our school year starts not that well, we’ve been very busy because of the accreditation. Hopefully, week after next, we’ll have a smooth academic flows. :)

    So my routine will be household’chores - school - lunch - school - Collecting - home - school - home..  I was totally fine with this until such time that my mom always asks me to go somewhere. It sucks, I can’t study na. :( I want to cry because since the school starts, I haven’t study a bit except the lessons on the classrooms.

    She doesn’t even think that I have school stuffs to do. I still have the bulletin boards to be finished this week, I have hand outs to make for my classes, syllabus for the school requirement. I need to study Audit theory and Theory of Accounts for our exam next week, and the chores I need to do everyday. :(
     And now, she’s asking me to edit something for her.. Can I just have a break? I mean, I have deadlines to meet.

    I know, she’s my mom, and i’m her daughter, but I need her considerations and understanding at this point of time. Please, I need understanding and considerations. :’(

    And now, I don’t have anyone to cry on, I just broke up with him days ago. I just can’t bear the truth that he’s been lying to me, though almost are white lies, but it’s still lies. I can’t bear the way he dress, the way he treats me, the way he talk. Everything, it’s like I can’t stand with him on my side. But when I broke up with him, he never asked me to be with him again.

    I can do this, :(

  4. LOL

    Okay, At dahil and lawak na talaga ng Facebook, balik tumblr na naman ako! :)